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Brushed gold Cesaro sensor tap 330 MM

Brushed gold Cesaro sensor tap 330 MM

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Brushed gold Cesaro sensor tap 330 MM

The sensor is located at the outlet of the neck.

This is a single cold water model.

Some specifications of the Cesaro brushed gold sensor faucet:

  • Power: DC6V
  • Power consumption: ≤ 0.5mW
  • Hands-free operation, very hygienic.
  • Height of the sensor tap: 330 MM
  • Total length of the crossing: 120 MM
  • Height of the spout: 265 MM
  • The Cesaro has a sensitive sensor, so you don't have to touch a handle to turn on the tap. This tap will reduce your water consumption.
  • Cold water model. You can also use the tap with a separate heat regulator to turn it into a hot water tap.
  • Water saving: water comes out of the tap when you move your hands in front of the sensor and stops after a few seconds when you remove your hands from the sensor (this is factory set and cannot be adjusted).
  • You can use the tap on mains power or on batteries, both options are available as standard.
  • The Cesaro sensor tap has a 12-month warranty.
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